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HUMA 1170
John Dwyer

Wuthering Heights  Novel Modernity (Challenges+Issues) (Emily Bronte) • Strong love connection between the • Modern age nothing can be on the basis of main characters, Cathy and only love. Love cannot be the basis for a lasting Heathcliff. relationship. Love is no longer in such high importance in contrast to monetary values. Most females look for • Catherine feels as “it would degrade stability and security rather then love. There is so much me to marry Heathcliff” (59) he history within Cathy and Heathcliff, they lived their entire doesn’t have much to offer and they lives with each other; they cannot live without one would be “beggars“ (60) if they tried another. However, love simply does not beat it. having a life. Catherine is selfish Catherine wants to be able to be with someone that can because she wants to be with a give her all the luxuries. We might call that selfish but is Linton, a guy that can provide her it really selfish? Modernity does not have caring people, some sort of security and stability said, “people search for happiness without ever knowing Within Linton; she believes she will what happiness means, the goal is to think about really be “the greatest woman of the is going on inside.” In modernity, no one looks on the inside because that does not provide for stability, neighborhood,” (57). She does not luxuries, stability, or love. In this generation, we have believe that Heathcliff can provide been raised to expect to find a partner on the basis of that stability nor security since he stability and security rather then love. Catherine shows does not have much to survive on that since the love exist between her and Heathcliff but his own. that love simply is not enough. • As Dwyer said, modernity is • The modern society in which we no longer allows ambiguous and therefore we do not for people to pursue a long term have a clear picture of what is right relationship/marriage based solely on love. It and wrong. Everything is grey, there seems that the concept of “finding your soul mate” is no black nor white and we have to based on profound emotional connections is make our own meanings out of our things of the past. The modern condition has own experiences essentially made it of very little relevance to have a deep emotional connection with another. Catherine claims to be Heathcliff. She claims to have this profound connection with him. But in the end, it is not the connection with Heathcliff that she chooses. It is the financial and social stability with Edgar that wins her over. Although she is very selfish for what she has done, it is not entirely her own fault. It is the society around her and her upbringing, which led her to make this decision. • Niche says modern life is sick, has no passion, cus its tied to a utilitarian, fact- based notion that has no imagination, creativity in it, its stagnant • People don’t understand Heathcliff and Catherine's relationship, because they don’t know what soul mate means • Themes of weakness and unhealthiness are in modernity • Theme of modernity -wandering without a home • People didn’t expect from modernity, that it would be full of so much freedom, but is so meaningless . The Gay Science  • “want to get to the peak, you ought to climb without giving it too much (Nietzsche ) thought” Pg.47. • criminals might seem like a threat to the well- being of society, at least they are acting on their • “remain cool and clear, as we left the instincts rather than being restrained and passive. path by our own will” Pg.51. Evidently, society sets us up for failure because of • the minds of others I know well, but the limitations that are forced upon us, which who I am I cannot tell” (49). We ultimately hinders the growth of our individuality. become so consumed in pleasing our peers and meeting society’s Therefore Nietzsche prescribes for our curiosity to expectations that we forget about the roam because we have nothing to lose and a lot to importance of establishing our own gain by doing so. sense of individuality. • Nietzsche openly states that “if these • Nietzsche touches upon the modern idea of people who crave distress felt the secularity. If the journey is more important than strength inside themselves to benefit themselves…internally, then they the destination and we have the ability to create would also know how to create for for ourselves, then we don’t need religion or God themselves” (118). Nietzsche wants to determine our fate. Since modernity cultivates us to stop being apathetic and pessimistic and instead follow our individuality, self-expression and liberation, then passions and live our lives the way we must stop being apathetic and manifest our we want to live them own destiny by acting on our desires regardless of • Nietzsche strongly believed in how society categorizes it. After all, “being honest following his own ideals, values and in evil is still better than losing oneself to the morality and focusing on life morality of tradition…everyone who wishes to • A pessimist is someone who always become free must become free through his own assumes the worst in every situation, endeavor” (156). Consequently, by doing activities which more or less exemplifies that give us pleasure, our sense of happiness will society. In modern society increase during this endeavor, which will ultimately individuals frequently refer to situations with the notion of the enhance the quality of our lives as a whole. “glass half empty” opposed to it being half full. Nietzsche’s ideals • Nietzsche addresses this. If modernity and strongly believe in living in the moment and taking chances but in ambiguity is confusing to an individual, he advices to just allow modernity to decide the modernity we want all the answers independence for the individual. provided • n modernity every individual must find their own • the sense of individualism and independence is highly important to way. You are given the freedom of independence. Nietzsche and the modern individual. While you have a wide variety of choices you are The true joy in life is knowing that also responsible for them. Choosing to have a you took a risk and failed but got pessimistic perspective is the individuals decision however the rationality behind it is what Nietzsche back up anyway because as we analyzes. To put in contrast, the individual can “should not be afraid of bruises” Pg. also choose to progress. This can be done 45. As we create our own path we through contribution to society. Nietzsche does not must “remain cool and clear, as we believe ambiguity provides any reason for left the path by our own will” Pg.51. individuals to complain about the modernity they • live in. As change is inevitable the modern individual must take • Though the enlightenment the wheel of its own existence from conforming into advocated for freedom and societies expectations. However, being consumed by our happiness, the result of an surrounding can cause ill-humor and mental toothache enlightened society is full of therefore we must learn to enjoy the moment and the alienated and depressed sooner we learn to let go of the chase and search we will be able to enjoy life and be as optimistic as ever. individuals who lack moral • guidance- • all who climb their own We must live our lives and not succumb to way, carry my image” (pg this feeling of “ennui”. It is easy to become a 49) as Nietzsche advocates belly-acher and accept a dull and mundane for individualism and being life because going after what we want and your own feeling and taking risks is much harder. We are all belly- autonomous individual and achers to a certain extent, our lives will engaging in your wants and never be perfect or worry-free or completely needs and carving your happy. But learning to accept yourself, your own way in life. imperfections and failures and finding what • makes us truly happy without worrying what others say or think, we have a good chance at actually being happy e does not want to concern himself with following or leading the conformity of society. Instead he wants to be an individual and only concern himself with his own business. He just wants to do his own thing because it’s what makes him happy. This relates to the concept of Rationality vs. Happiness because he is choosing the happiness of being an individual over the rationality of conforming to society. • Dharma Bums, (Jack • Ray’s character portrays similar • Evidently, tangible things like money mean Kerouac) ideology to Nietzsche’s novel The nothing if you’re not doing something in your life Gay Sciencethat makes him an that contains intrinsic value and enhances your individual that carries Nietzsche’s sense of pleasure, which is something we tend to image. dismiss in our modern, economically driven society • Mind is the maker, for n o reason at all, for all this creation, created to • Ray comes to the conclusion that “It's fall” (Kerouac, 99). Through this empty, everything's empty, things come quote Ray attempts to explain and but to go, all things made have to be teach that life is in the individuals hands and is shaped based on ones unmade, and they'll have to be unmade actions and way they choose to live simply because they were made!” When life. We all have been given a date he says this, he does not mean that the which we were born and the date we will die remains with god so live life meaning of life is this sad, hollow to the fullest emptiness. He’s saying that the emptiness • modern society does not like change of life is what gives us the need to find more so they rather have all the meaning. Life is empty because it is up to answers given to them instead of us to fill it with our own meaning. Like being leaders and exploring the Nietzsche, he believes that our lives are beauty of the world. Unfortunately, society has been structured, due to our own to discover and understand. We societal norms to live life the safest should not look to others to find the meaning of life, but we should do it all on way possible and avoid taking risks and living in the spur of the moment our own accord. unlike Ray’s character that looks to • . In modern society, it is recognized that people explore life and find happiness in make choices based on what is shown to them. People do not think for themselves and unwilling everything he does. • to practice the things other people do. In its place Ray is an advocate for living in the moment of following the standards of society, Ray is and living life based on happiness oppose to
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