KINE 2031 Study Guide - Final Guide: Internal Carotid Artery, External Carotid Artery, Colic Flexures

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Cranial nerve signals: little detail given, assume they just go to their destination in the head. 10 = vagus = organs in thorax, abdomen up to splenic flexure. Sacral: viscera on floor of pelvis (bladder, repro organs, last part of large intestine) Does not innervate structures like the smooth muscle in blood vessels or sweat glands. Lateral horns have either sns or psns cell bodies depending on location (s2- 3 functions of pvg: maintains signal, integration, decides where to go. *white ramus is from t1-t12 only, while gray rami are found at all levels. Nerves following above routs vasoconstrict arteries, control sweat glands, control smooth muscle of body hair. So normal second pathway: thoracolumbar region spinal nerves -> leave spinal nerve via white ramus. So the reason that we have white and gray rami at thoracolumbar region is so that when we have a. And this would be to allow coordinated sympathetic physiological activity.