hit, crunch and burn: organized violence and mens sport

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 1000
Hernan Humana

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Hit Crunch and Burn Organized Violence and Mens Sporty Media forcefed the OJ Simpson trial to North Americans y Public distracted by this trial Displayed ugly attitudes with respect to race sex and gender and bred cynicism about the police and justice systems y During months of trial OJ battled white police detective Mark Fuhrman Black civil rights vs white supremacy y OJ SimpsonMark Fuhrman shared one ideologymight equals right survival of the fittest rugged individualism and Coercive entitlementwinner takes allThis ideology was shared through gender ideals and behavior y Both men engaged in violence during their career as well in their real life Both men expected respect and reward for their violence Saw themselves as masculine warriors y Mike Tyson like other athletes was rewarded for violence within the rules of the game then despised when that violence spilled over into real life y Mike Tyson was rewarded for being violent and as a result couldnt differentiate between when violence was appropriate boxing and when it wasnt and to what extent o Quoted to say I like to hurt women when I make love to them and I like to hear them scream with painto see them bleedit gives me pleasure o Bit off Evender Holyfields ear when he was about to lose a fight to him y Media exploit the charismatic celebrity of violent hypermasculine sport heroes These men get away with more violence in real lifey Society approves of violent behavior in sanctioned arenas and condemns these behaviors in official policy y Sport celebrates force pain and aggression and this is rarely acknowledge
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