KINE 1000 Chapter Notes -National Football League Players Association, Ancient Olympic Games, Health System

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Published on 6 Feb 2013
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(Missing the Forde, O.H. (1998) Is imposing Risk Awareness Cultural Imperialism?) Will
be done in 2-3 Days
“Hit, Crunch, and Burn: Organized Violence and Men’s sport”
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O.J Simpson Trial
It was more publicized than the Bosnia and Oklahoma City bombing combined
O.J represented ‘Black civil rights’ and Mark Fuhrman, the police detective represented
‘white supremacy’ and were both popular in their own groups
Shared one ideology- coercive entitlement- ‘might equals right’, ‘survival of the fittest’,
‘rugged individualism’, and ‘winner takes all.’ This ideology was shared through gender
ideals and behavior.
Both men take part in violence whether at work or home and expect respect and reward
for being violent.
Saw themselves as “masculine warriors” and defined themselves as masculine and
worthy by being violent
Mike Tyson
Boxer- was rewarded for being violent and as a result couldn’t differentiate between
when violence was appropriate (boxing) and when it wasn’t and to what extent
oQuoted to say, “I like to hurt women when I make love to them” and “I like to
hear them scream with pain…to see them bleed…it gives me pleasure.”
oBit off Evender Holyfield’s ear when he was about to lose a fight to him.
Violence spills into real life
Force Majeure
Physically policed by organized groups of armed and violently instrumental men
Constructed by men, especially in military and parliamentary positions as well as in
The athlete is a symbolic warrior and is supported when he is violent against his enemies
but when he turns against us, there is a breach in contract. It then becomes a violent
The sport itself, the one that causes the violent acts, is not criticized and neither are the
values of such games.
Sanctioned Violence in Men’s Sport
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War and sport are both regarded the same- as a fight/ battle where force and violence is
needed to be won.
Like sports, war is lawful and allows for violence, which is regarded as heroism.
These acts of violence are regarded as a norm which is why in journals, they are not
shown as sadistic rather the pain, violence, and aggression are glorified.
Stephen Brunt “If you see someone whose hurt you’re supposed to help them, not
finishes them off. Boxing teaches people the opposite.”
Bob Richardson, a hockey fan and coach, also believes that sports tolerate violence that is
punishable in the real world (reality) outside of sports. These violent acts are enough to
arrest and punish people.
Athletes suffer many injuries while playing, many are serious and can cause serious
physical harm to athletes
o1994 National Football League Player’s Association bulletin reported that over
20% of injuries fell into two most severe injury ratings- out, which gives a player
100% probability of not being able to play the next game, and doubtful, which
gives the player 75% chance of not being able to play.
oUnderwood writes “The issue is not dead bodies but wounded ones, the
systematic wasting of men and boys within the boundaries of ‘legal play’.”
Dr. Michael Schwartz (neurosurgeon at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital) studies boxer
that were knocked out of the ring and found that ‘a professional fighter can punch a
person’s head with about the force that one would suffer if you were not wearing a
seatbelt and hit the windshield in a low speed car accident’…it is a ‘controlled murder in
a sense.’
1997 studies show that sport-related brain injuries and deaths have increased significantly
since 1980s in boxing, football as well as hockey, soccer, baseball, and basketball
oMichael Jordan is regarded as a hero and a role model but what the world doesn’t
see is his aggression, ego, and pride. Michael Clarkson says that the negative
qualities are downplayed because Jordan is a winner.
oPhil Jackson (Chicago Bulls coach) says, “Players have been conditioned since
childhood that every confrontation is a test of manhood.
Sport, Violence against Women, and Fear of the Feminine
From all industries, from entertainment to politics, sports industry is known to be the
highest when it comes to abuse and batterers.
Recent studies show that team athletes show a higher percentage to rape as compared to
the general student populations on college campuses.
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