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Kin 1000 notes Tutorial 07 Patrick Keleherp keleherpyorkuca Mondays 130230 at 306 Stong are his office hoursPower Patricia HillCollinsEvery minority identifies the type of oppression with which it feels the most comfortable as being fundamental and classifies all other types as being of lesser importance Ex The white woman feels oppressed due to her sex but does not see the benefit of her colour as the African American man doesThere are very few pure victims or oppressors since were all derived from varying penalties and privilegesTwo things are required in order to get at the oppressor deep within all of us 1 We need to redefine oppression as a series of interlocking factors between race gender and class otherwise everyone fights for attention and tries to be the most oppressed 2 We must change our behaviour so that we treat and act around one another as equal humans This must be done by transcending through socially constructed divisors to create more equal relationshipsAudre Lorde Change starts with self and relationships that we have with those around us must always be the primary site for social changeWe must end the dichotomous classification of everything being oppressed or oppressor As a result everyone becomes a combination of both making it a conceptually impossible task to tackleAlso though some oppressions are more drastic than others a scale cannot be accurately measured as to which oppression is worse than the last doing so would be like asking an African American woman which is worse Your skin colour or sexDifferent oppressions are of varying intensity depending on where in the world you are Social class oppression is more apparent in Latin America than in CanadaSlavery is often thought of as a race oppressive period However it was white males who had all the power With this power they gained social and economic benefit White upper class women would also benefit but the lower class white women would not Black women were slaves so they were the bottom standard of the female scale keeping the lower class white women at their position preventing them from moving down Blacks as a whole were suppressed obviously presenting the third and final piece of what was a gender class and race oppressed period not simply race oppressed The three categories are intertwined so it is futile to observe one alone new thinking should connect them allThis example can be related to modern days through a University system and how the administrators may be largely white men and the students are oppressed In fact this can be applied to ALL institutions it is the institutional dimension of oppressionWhen compiling a list of characteristics that define a man or woman one must also consider race and class Though men are thought to strong a strong black man may be considered dangerous or a lower class Hispanic man may not be considered to be IntellectualIf you make a separate lists of qualities for men and women but have each list consider a different race the lists will look considerably differentViewing images of masculinity and femininity as universal gender symbols rather than as symbolic images that are racegender and class specific renders the experiences of people of colour and of nonprivileged white women and men invisible This is the symbolic dimension of oppressionYour individual dimension of oppression is your oppression relative to society This takes into account the intertwining factors of race class and gender on a personal levelTranscending barriers created by our experiences with race class and gender oppression in order to build proper coalitions essential for social change involve addressinga Differences in power and privilegeb Discovering how to create a coalitionc Building empathyDifferences in power constrain our ability to connect with one another even when we think we are engaged in dialogue across differencesThis is true because if a white man is having conversation with his black housekeeper it may not occur to him that she feels victimized by a racial bias because she is not in a position to voice her issues It would not be wise for this housekeeper to voice her opinion when the difference in power is so greatIn extreme cases members of the privileged groups can erase the very existence of the less privileged When a black middleclass woman sees a white family in poverty the newly acquired privileges of her social class will allow her to ignore and minimize the poverty among Whites that she does encounterPhrases such as Well at least theyre not black may pop in her mind In learning to grant human subjectivity to blacks in poverty she has simultaneously learned to demand white victims of poverty tooVoyeurism From the perspective of the privileged the lives of people of colour of the poor and of women are interesting for their entertainment valueA professor who will engage in class discussions with Whites but only call upon the Black students to give their input on Black related topics is an example of Voyeurism at its worstMembers of subordinate groups often only participate mainly because they are suppressed in this environment they are not necessarily willing though a Black student will usually answer the call of the professorWomen can be victims of voyeurism if men are in relationships with them solely for sexSharing a common cause can bring a people together especially if it happens to be a common issueCommon issues raise a sense of empathy in people a powerful feeling that will encourage teamworkIn order to create empathy every individual must speak of his or her own experiences and find commonalities with others
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