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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 1020
Jennifer Kuk

Cardiovascular DiseaseLife Expectancywhen you were born is going to be related to different life expectancies Its higher for those that have 65 years of agebabys death is gone The reason why our life expectancy is so high is because baby deaths are decreasing Causes of death cancer and heart diseases top two Sex and ethnic differences in CVD black menhigher rate of white men and men in general have higher rate than women Preventing Health Problems oSmoking oPhysical activity Diet fat intake unsaturated vs saturatedOmega 3 Vegetable and Fruit Fiber and whole grains Moderate Alcohol consumption Smoking260Physical Inactivity 535 Obesity149 Low income 113other chronic conditions they know but dont have money to make good choices or just dont know whats good and badHigh Blood pressure 130 Diabetes 42 Nonmodifiable risk factors family history race and ethnicity age sex male pattern baldnessmore balding you are more likely you are to have cardiovascular disease because there are receptors in the hair follicles that are testosterone sensitive and those receptors on your scalp tells you about your heart Atherosclerosis fatty streakslook at slide continual process accumulation of LDL within the walls of your artery Lipoprotein Profile Total Cholesterol LDL HDL LDL is important Cholesterol and Triglyceride are carried inside lipoproteins and TG can also be carried free in the blood by albumin Cholesterol comes from the food you eat or from your liverLDL taken and shuttles cholesterol into arteries into several different tissues of the bod LDL being it back to liver for repackaging When its dropping off the triglycerides if there is too much of LDL it will accumulate in the vessel wallsAccumulates oxidized by the white blood cellsWBCfoam cellsexplosionaccumulation of fat and cholesterol within the muscle wall Fibrosis and Thrombosis Development when the LDL smooth muscle and too much of it is present it will accumulate in the vessel wall What the body does in response to this is a fibrous caps builds upon the LDLCholesterol and protects it but this cap when it becomes thick and is subject to high blood pressure it can break off and plug the arteryThis is why high blood pressure can cause of risk of heart attacks Your blood pressure it takes about the wave size of your blood high waves more strength to be knocked over Its caused by heart contractionWhen your heart contracts all the blood fs coming out of your heart systolic and the peak will be reached when your heart relaxes and bp will come down The lowest pressure you get will be the diastolic blood pressure Normotensive vs Hypertensive Hypertensive blood pressure can also damage arteries hence they wont respond as well to stretch Too lownot enough pressure to circulate blood to the tissues Systolic under 120 over 80normal blood pressure Prehypertension 120139 8089 Hypertension Stage 1401599099 Hypertension Stage 2 160100 or greater Consequence of Hypertension oBrian damage aneurysms and thrombusstrokeoEyes damage to retinal blood vesselsblindnessoHeartincreased cardiac loadmyocardial infarction oKidneysimpaired blood flowkidney damage
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