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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3430
Janelle Joseph

Seans lecture on timeline Telegraph Today 1820: Morse Code this allows for bodies playing at a distance 1904: layograph: rules were coded so that the scores could be morse coded across the nation so people could be up to date with baseball play -this allowed for mass audiences 1920’s: Radio: Post world war I Telephone: Television B/W  Colour Exam question** Why are photo and film important: represent the body and represent the body though time. WWII 1960’s ARPANET……. Big companies, arms, and universities bought into it…….it then was named the Internet. 1995 World Wide Web was born and people were able to surf the net. This allowed for images and numbers to come together Network—non linear system. Messages can move in all different orders. What did this do for sports? -Created a mass audienc
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