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MUSI 2520
Ron Westray

Lecture 1 and 2 Jazz HipHop and Jazz RapHiphop is a broad category not just consisting of gangsta rapThere are four facets of hiphop1 Breakdancing2 Graffiti3 Turntables4 EmceeingStereotypes in hiphop culture are based on several issues1 Slavery Jim Crow racism2 Exoticism and the exotic other3 Modern AfricanAmerican culture since ca 1940Alternative Afrocentric and Afrological attempts for the advancement of AfricanAmerican culture and identityAfrican Diaspora Descendants of African people relocated to other parts of the world in many cases this relates to the dispersion of people to the Caribbean and Americas during the Atlantic slave tradeAfrocentric vs EurocentricBinary opposites of viewpoints on musical activity Or the musical activity itselfEurocentrism Ideology based on the preeminence of European culture Europeans thinking that all music came from themAfrocentrism Ideology in response to Eurocentrism that asserts the African culture to be central to African American history culture and identityIn the early 1900s Eurocentrism is very prominent because African culture was not preserved properly after the African people moved to North AmericaAfrological vs EurologicalSome musical practices overlap aspects are assimilated by both European and African procedures or customs but follow different streams that are historically emergent rather than ethnically essentialAfromodernism is a cultural movementConnected to urban environment of AfricanAmerican communitiesSociopolitical progress of early 1900sChanging sense of African American culture beginning ca 1945Music reflects this social energy giving it meaning and coherence for its audienceDistaste in popular music by AfricanAmericans for being more receptive to white peopleIdentities in JazzIn the early 1900s jazz was called bebopBebop was the voice of disenfranchised urban AfricanAmerican youth kind of like modern day hiphopDistanced from both the black middle class and the white consensus gave aesthetic selfassertion political force and valueNew Orleans turned jazz music into swing musicSwing music is the hiphop of the 1930s its what people are dancing to etcDress Zoot suits were in defiance of war rationing efforts a symbol of antipatriotismExpensive dress a symbol of financial success dignity and selfrespect
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