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Test 4

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MUSI 2520
Ron Westray

The Two Phases of KRSOne1 BlastmasterAggressive freestyle battlingBeef with MC Shan of the Juice CrewoSouth Bronx vs The BridgeThe Bridge is MC Shans songoBattles in Cedar Park2 The TeacherPhilosopherDeemed his own stage name an acronym for Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly EveryoneLess violent and aggressiveBecame a recipient of the BET Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008Deemed hiphop as His infinite power helping oppressed peopleHe claimed that hiphop is the reflection of the reality of the inner cityoThats why its appropriate for hiphop artists to use words like nigger and motherfuckeroThe past is the past and the words are naturally part of hiphop cultureMixtapes in this era came in the form of cassette tapes1980s Transitions1 No more breaks2 Drum machines replaced by sample drum lines3 Digital samplers replaced by tape loops Pre NeoSoulNeo AfricanismLoose EndsoDebuted in 1980 they were a successful British RB bandoTwo albums to note1984A Little Spice1985So Where Are YouSoul II SouloDebuted in 1988oNotable song 1989 Back to Life However Do You Want MeBig L Lamont ColemanMade significant contributions to hiphop in the late 90sDied in a shooting in 1999 before his album The Big Picture came out in 2000The classic song Ebonics talks about the slang and lingo used in hiphopFashion in HipHopThe two things that were most important to sneaker culture are basketball and hiphopComfortable sneakers were good for dancing tooBBoys and BGirls made these sneakers popularoAdidas and Puma were two popular brand namesBack in the 1980s people were obsessed with keeping their sneakers in pristine conditionoTheir shoes reflected their class Guys with dirty shoes would have a hard time picking up girlsoThey couldnt afford to buy shoes all the timeoClean shoesselfrespectrespect from othersKen Swift of the Knock Steady Crew introduced a specific kind of fashion in New York CityoKangol cap tshirt jeans and sneakers
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