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Anita Lam

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Nozick’s Group Note
Jokes about meaning of life
says “the meaning of life is like a formula”
“We need not seek their ludicrous “wisdom” – (Nozick, 224) “did the
questioner hope for an intellectual formula presenting the meaning of
life? “ (Nozick, 225)
“that the meaning and purpose of life is to achieve this reward which is
intrinsically valuable (and also meaningful) – Nozick, 226
↳ Similar to Richard Taylor. Giving Sisyphus a purpose to finish the
American man looks for the meaning of life.
Quote “ so heavily is it laden with our emotion and aspiration that
we camouflage our vulnerability with jokes about seeking for the
meaning or purpose of life: a person travels for many days to the
Himalayas to seek the word of an Indian holy man meditating a
isolated” (Nozick, 224).
Answer: Life is like a fountain
searched for the meaning of life found that is a fountain <- Joke
Only good philosopher looks for more than one meaning of meaning
Nozick looks at different sense and meanings
1) meaning is external to cause relationships
2) facts of existing
3) sex
↳All exist for ancestor adulthood
Nozick doesn’t accept the word meaning
Stipulate meaning
a life can have saltant meaning if reference to reject poetry
1. External causal relationship (what is the meaning of you as an
individual parents, grandparents).
2. Causal Concomitant (what is it mean to be human some
particular sequence of DNA)
3. Causal consequent(what that thing causes)
4. External Refernce (semantic relationship)
5. Meaning as intention (excuse/prupose)
6. Meaning as lesson (Grand Historical thing has occurred and ask
what is the meaning of this)
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