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John Wisdom

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PHIL 1100
Anita Lam

WISDOMpp 220 The Meanings of the Questions of LifeQuestion of the meaning of lifenot a senseless question even if it is complexmay make efforts which bring us nearer and nearer to an answerthis does not render the question senseless nor make it impossible for us to move towards an answer pp 222CONTEXT1965Some philosophers who said the question iself is meaninglessthat there is no point in answering the questionRecallverifiability of meaninglogical positivismspecifying why a statement is trueand if you cant verifyor possibly say what is the answer to the meaning of life then its a meaningless questionIf youre not saying something meaningful possibly an expression of how they feelref NielsenIf you cannot say what would verify a questionWisdom does not respond to this logical positivism approach does not mention it at all and instead turns to the many possible meanings of the questionBegins with an old storyanalogychild who asks grandfather what holds up the world and to that grandfather answers giantelephanttortuousget out of hereMany philosophers like the story are sick of the question of the meaning of life its annoyingabsurd you give an answer and get another question etc Eventually this question an absurd question ref Nielsen calls an pseudoquestionWisdomUsing the wordslanguage beyond its applicationThe question makes no
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