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PSYC 2021 - Exam 1 Notes (Fall 2011)

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PSYC 2021
Margarete Wolfram

PSYC 2021Exam 1 NotesChapter 1 Introduction to Statistics Statistics and Common SenseCommon sense can outperform statistics in several ways such as recognizing patterns handwriting human language etc than computer programs based on statisticsIn other cases statistics can outperform common sense in other ways that require relevant information found beyond what can be accessible or is less vivid than what can be perceived with our senses such as personal and impersonal informationDescriptive statistics provides a description of specific groups statistical data to describe these groups as a whole pictureInferential statistics having the same purpose as descriptive statistics looks beyond the given data hypothesizing and probabilities to shape possibilities MmeanSum UpXXXScales and Units of Measurement Absolute zero there are no values below zeroEqual interval constant measurement for whatever scale used meters mass litersFixed order Sequential unity where figures have rankings eg 543Functional unity specifies a certain domain within a specific context weight and heightDistinctions Ratio scale has an absolute zero Interval scale lacks an absolute zeroOrdinal scale has a fixed order but no equal intervals Nominal scale lacks a fixed order Discontinuous scales use a concrete unit continuous scales lack the use of concrete units
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