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Social Psych Chapter 12

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Helpful Social Behavior Helping behavior Helping behavior intended to assist another person perceives that help is needed with or without the request of the person Prosocial behaviour any action which benefits others ie Being honest following rules to a game or cooperating in a social situation Types of helping Casual helpingemergency helping involves strangers relatively easy to perform Substantial helpingemotional helping involves family or friends harder to perform There are three dimensions to helping 1Whether the helping is formal or planned 2The seriousness of the problem helping someone having a heart attack vs giving someone a phone to use 3Helping can either involve you giving what you have or doing what you can Altruism vs egoism One reason people help others is so that person can feel good about themselves Known as egoistic motivation the helpers true motivation is to benefit the self Altruistic motivation helpers end goal is simply to provide benefit to another person the helper may gain something but this is not the purpose of the helping Things can sometimes be both altruistic and egotisticInclusive fitness some social behaviors have been selected in evolutionary history since they increase the survival of our genes helping someone in your family may not be due totally to altruism it may be that you are just trying to allow your own genes to survive This may be a reason why people sacrifice their own lives for their offspring or relatives
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