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Health Psychology Midterm #1 REview.docx

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PSYC 3170
Aviva Goldberg

Health Psychology Midterm 1 ReviewHealth is a state of complete physical mental and social well beingThe biopsychosocial model suggests that what health is may vary from culture to cultureWithin a culture what is health changes as the status quo is shakenEvolution of activism consists of unions medical research consumerism court awards technology commercialized medicine and public and workforce changesWe have an active role to play in our own health what we do and think impacts our healthHealth is a complete set of wellbeing physical well being bio mental well being psycho and social well being social Environmental and occupational medicine looked at what people do and its impact on health Hippocrates observed the environment of the patientBernardo Ramazzini studied diseases of tradesmenSystematic research consists of systematic observation correlation and controlled experimentsCorrelational studies compare changes in variables cannot determine causalityProspective designs longitudinal consist of looking forwardRetrospective research consists of looking backward Attribution Process Naive Psychology relates to what you think and its impact on health We try to discern the motives and personality traits psychologists look at how such judgments are madeInformation and self regulatory theory is influenced by culture and schema amount of info and social comparisonA fundamental attribution error is one that causes us harm it is the idea that as humans we tend to be bias in not giving the environment credit in influencing our behaviour Defence attribution is when the victim is blamed Information and what we think regulates how our health is influencedAttribution therapies involve self defeating vs selfenhancing The JamesLange theory is that being in a physiological state of fear and that we identify this state as fear The CannonBard theory is that there cannot be a specific biological state for every biological feeling Hormone feelings consist of levels of epinephrine or other hormones affect and influence biological stateThe twofactor theory of emotion Schechter and Singer determines the effect of epinephrine on subjects When given the epinephrine most interpreted their internal feelings from the situation the confederates apparent reaction and not so with the placebo and not so when informed about the true nature of the drugVeridical reattribution involves what is happening within his or her subjective experience Veridical reattribution and drug psychosis the nature of the drug LSD caused psychotic episodes although the nature of this drug was not to cause these episodes As time went by admission to hospitals because of drug psychosis dropped with marijuana use also as time went by theof people who used marijuana increased as well This lead to a theory about LSD
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