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PSYC 3490 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Computer Data Storage, Long-Term Memory, Baddeley'S Model Of Working Memory

3 pages97 viewsFall 2015

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PSYC 3490
Heather Jenkin
Study Guide

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51. Provide examples of three situations in which information processing
changes are important in the functioning of older adults.
Driving safely
Remembering what youre suppose to do like bathe
How to cook
54. Do you agree that videogames can improve cognitive functioning?
Attention involves ability to focus while ignoring other features, to shift focus, and
to coordinate info from multiple sources. Videogames help with this.
Lab studies suggest that with age, attentional processes are less efficient.
Vid games can enhance attentional skills with oldies. It does for younger ppl.
Mostly first person shooter games will help.
Increase reaction time, accuracy in performance etc. can help with driving.
Peripheral attention, Useful field of view improves.
Brain games can help focused and sustained attention
55. What are the risks of having aging drivers on the road? On the basis of
available evidence, should older adults be restricted in their driving?
Not entirely.
Make sure their medical condition isn’t gonna hinder
Require proper visual and auditory aid
Don’t drive at night
Theyre less likely to DUI
Less likely to drive distracted ex cellphone
More experienced with driving
Risks: lower reaction time and less efficient attention, loss of visual acuity,
increase sensitivity to glare, cant see in dark, physical changes, meds can cause
57. Provide a brief description of how working memory is affected by aging and
summarize the neuropsychological data used to understand these effects.
Working Memory – keeps info temporarily available and active in consciousness.
Four parts: auditory , visual, episodic buffer, central executive.
Lower working capacity
According to scaffolding, old ppl able to recruit alt neural circuits as needed for
task demands to make up for losses elsewhere. Aka WORKING capacity is
declines but can compensate. Scaffolding gets better with exercise and mental
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