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Social Science
SOSC 1350
Julie Dowsett

FINAL EXAM STUDY SHEET SOSC 1350, Gender and the Law, F/W 2013-2014 Course Director: Julie Dowsett IMPORTANT NOTE: The format of the final exam is (almost) identical to the midterm exam.As such, please consult last term’s handoutentitled “Tips for Preparing to Write and Writing the Midterm Exam.” The only difference between the format of the midterm and the final is that Ihave taken out the page length requirements.Instead I have given you approximations of how long each question should take youto complete. (See the “tips” sheet for more on time management during exams.) Good luck with your studying! PART A: Short Answer (50% of exam grade) The exact wording of the paragraph below—along with ten of the following twenty terms/concepts/court decisions/statutes/people—will appear on the finalexam of which you will have to answer five(weight is 10% each). Define and explain the significanceof five of the following in relation to gender and the lawin Canada. Each short answer question should take you approximately 15 minutes to answer. Your responses should draw on the readingsand lectures (and if relevant, tutorial discussions and films). Act for the Gradual Civilization of the Indian Tribes Assisted Human Reproduction Act(AHRA) Canadian Multiculturalism Act Cathy and Ben coat hanger symbol contemporary“points” system “deserving” versus “undeserving” poor genocide “good mother” versus “good father” ideology of motherhood importance of shelters invisible “glass ceiling” Kimberly Rogers Komagata Maru Leilani Muir Moge v. Moge neoliberalism psychological and economic effects of harassment R. v. Morgantaler White Ribbon Campaign PART B: Essay Questions(50% of exam grade) The exact wording of the paragraph below—along with three of the following four essay questions—will appear on the finalexam of which you will have to answer two (weight is 25% each). You must answer twoof the following three essay questions in paragraph format.Each essay question should take you approximately 40 minutes to ans
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