SOSC 2150 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Marc Lalonde, Etiology, Natural Health Product

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Health has become the central focus of our lives. A shift in how we think about health issues and our bodies. 21st century healthism is a new understanding to old problems. What if" approach to health rather than what is". During with life expectancy rises considerably, from under. 30 to over 50 development of healthcare systems, expanded public health and sanitation and surge in population growth in the process of modernization. Dramatic declines in death rates from infectious diseases. Part of omran"s theory that all socieities ecperience 3 ages. A wide ranging process that includes complex and mult-sited transformations in medical knowledge, technology, surveillance and bodies that are today are being changed through the mergent social forms and practices of a highly technoscientifc biomedicine. Associated with technoscientific changes since mid 1980s that: digital imaging technologies, miniaturization of medical devices (laprascopy, surgical innovations (sex reassignment, plastic/cosmetic, molecularization and geneticization, cloning, human enhancement (hybridized technologies, surgery) pharmaceutical)