HIST 1082 : Part 5 -- got 92% in the course!

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1 Apr 2014

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African coast: discovery and exploration of canary islands, provided instant gratification in terms of profits, especially portugese that atlantic expansion was worthwhile. Europeans didn"t know what areas they would be able to reach by sea. Needed more immediate reasons to explore: canary islands answered their doubts, sold canary islanders as slaves to both christian europe and muslim middle east. Roots of atlantic slave trade: profitable natural commodities, possibility of converting remaining islanders, canary islands also attracted spanished, became more interesting to portugese. Products that could be used as dyes in textiles, especially in europe. Wanted to maintain control of islands, and led to more portugese expeditions to kick out the spanish and discovered new islands, such as. Madeira: found the route around cape bojador when trying to get to canary, began to learn about winds and currents of atlantic. Islanda: took techniques italian and muslims used when travelling in mediterranean and applied it to atlantic.

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