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PL 091 Midterm Study Guide.docx

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PHIL 1091
Andrea S Staiti

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MachiavelliHobbesLockeDescartesLutherCalvinIgnatiusPascalNot interested in the Humans are unable Capacity for intuition Humans know what Goodhappiness or ultimate to do goodof the goodis good because we good of the rulerNeed Gods grace Original sin made inherently know what military fearand gratuitythings harder but not is badimpossibleConstant temptation but human nature is still good regardlessEarn worthinessGood worksGodKnow how to assess notion of right and ReasonWeakened human Virtue lies in GodVirtuerisks and accept the wrong justice and Happiness stems nature with original True virtue is to hate lesser evil as a good injjustce have no from virtuesinyourselfPASCALplace in the SoNSupreme good is Cannot love what is Be flexible in 3 causes of quarrel virtueoutside us love what charactercompetition is within but not usNavigate through diffidence and gloryGods kingdommisfortuneGreatest Christian Adapt to virtue is love of truthcircumstancesRight to everything Freedom is the Distrust in material The freedom of the Freedomeven anothers bodyability to govern worldChristian for Luther
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