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HIST 162 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Samuel J. Tilden, Gilded Age, Jay Cooke

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HIST 162
Thomas M.Slopnick
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The Gilded Age: time period after the Civil War of economic expansion and corruption; “gilded”:
covered in gold
Election of 1868
Ulysses S. Grant - Republican - 214 electoral votes, prominent military war hero
Horatio Seymour - Democrat - 80 electoral votes, appealed openly to racism,
viewed Reconstruction as unconstitutional
Fifteenth Amendment - ratified in 1870
Granted African-American men the right to vote
Congress had the power to enforce this
Election of 1872
Ulysses S. Grant - Republican - 286 electoral votes
Horace Greeley - Democrat - 0 electoral votes, nominated by liberal Republicans
Election of 1876
Compromise of 1877: Hayes became the president and removed the military
districts from the south
Rutherford B. Hayes - Republican, became president
Samuel Tilden - Democrat, won the popular vote by small margin
Electoral Commission
Created to solve election dispute
15 members, 5 from each branch with 8-7 majority Republicans
March 2, 1877- 8-7 vote for Hayes
Judge David Davis
Neither Democrat nor Republican Supreme Court Judge who was discounted
when he became a Senator
D.M. Key - Postmaster General
Supported Tilden in the election, but was give the postmaster general position by
Hayes and part of the compromise
Mark Twain
Named this time period “the gilded age” satirically and wrote a novel called “The
Gilded Age: A Tale of Today”
Charles Dudley Warner
Coauthor of the novel about the gilded age with Mark Twain
Thomas A. Edison
Great American inventor, inventions led to great economic expansion
Invented phonograph, electric light bulb, electric generator, alkaline storage
● Trusts
Partnerships formed between large companies to limit competition and get
control of the market without violating anti-monopoly laws
Jay Cooke and Company
Helped with the union civil war effort (underwriter and financier)
Went under in 1873
Stalwarts - Senator Roscoe Conkling of New York
“True Republicans”
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