COM 210 Quiz: NC study guide 1

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7 Feb 2017

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Nonverbal Test 1 Study guide
Five short answer
Rest are multiple choice/true or false
One extra credit (5 points)
Will take entire class time (leave when finished)
Worth 75 points (out of 500)
Ch. 1:
Definition of NV communication:
o Communication effected by means other than vocal (or sign language), including:
facial expressions, gestures, body positioning and posture, vocal inflection, eye
gaze, distance, listener responses, and attire.
o Refers to communication effected by means other than words, assuming words are
the verbal element.
Define Encoding and Decoding
o Encoding: transmitting nonverbal cues to people with who you are in a
conversation with
o Decoding: deciphering the nonverbal cues from someone you are having a
conversation with
Primary functions of NV behavior
o Reinforce, substitute for, or contradicting verbal language
Areas of study in NV communication (scholarly names included)
o Haptics = touch
o Proxemics = space
o Five perspectives
Defining nonverbal communication
Classifying nonverbal behavior
Total communication process meaning
History of nonverbal structure
Everyday life
Ch. 2
Nature vs. Nurture for acquiring NV skills (& terms associated)
o Nature: innate
o Nurture: learned
5 research strategies used to study NV skill acquisition
o (What they are and what the conclusions were)
o Evidence from sensory deprivation
Expressions are not significantly different between blind and deaf children
and typical developing children
^ these children’s expressions become less animated as they grow older
Mostly nature with a nurture component
find more resources at
find more resources at
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