BISC 1112 Final: Bee pollinator Lab

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Biological Sciences
BISC 1112

Final Study Guide Biology Lab 1112 Bee pollinator Lab • Waggle Dance- after foraging for food, a honey bee returns to the hive and performs a dance for the other workers. The dance can be either round or a waggle dance, depending on the distance of the food source. If the food source is further than about 75 meters from the hive, the bee will perform a waggle dance o The bee quickly vibrates her abdomen back and forth and moves in a zig zag path across the surface of the comb. A figure eight will be observed when watching the forager perform this dance o Optic flow- the pattern of perceived motion of objects in the field of vision causes by the relation of the moving observer to the scene of the field of vision. This is heavily used in bees o The duration of the straight-run portion of the dance (the one that is observed during the waggle) measured in second, is the simplest and most reliable method to estimate the distance of the food source ▪ If the waggle-run lasts 1.5 seconds, the approximate distance between the hive and food source is 1,500 meters. • Kinship and relatedness o Haploid/Diploid • Development o Undergo metamorphosis-means that during the transformation to adulthood, the bee moves through four distinct stages: Egg, larva, pupa, adult o Wax cell- where queen lays the egg. All developing bees are fed royal jelly for the first days; then after, the queen is only fed royal jelly while the drones are fed bee bread. rd o 3 day- larva o 9 day- pupa • Types of honey bees o Queen- the only fertile bee in
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