MC 2000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Kits, Dont, Metro Newspapers

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2 Jul 2014

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To give journalists the right to protext their sources. The media literate person understands that media materials. Convergence takes place when content that has traditionally. The area of cultural studies is composed of. The thing that makes mass com different from other kinds of. Can be understood as ways of life passed on to members of. Is the outcome of consolidating production, distribution, and. In the production process, creative work is done by people who. The us supreme court has allowed the regulation of content. Companies that send out messages via mass media. Development of new media channels encouraged the mass. Us military has controlled or influences newns coverage of. Link between production and exhibition, mean diferent between a. Words considered by courts to be libelous per se include. Pornographic materails are subject to restraint if they are. Shared by early reaserchers, held that mass com was powerful, All of these (one sided relationship) vompsniondhip, psychological connection.

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