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Exam I Review (98% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3020

Psyc 3020 TestMeasurement Exam I ReviewThe following IS NOT ALL INCLUSIVEFor a comprehensive review of the material please read all assigned abbreviated readings and review all class lecturesTerms to knowPsychological testsoSample of behaviorPersons attribute attitudes or personality extroversion or performance outcome eg memory or communication Not exhaustive measure of what one can do but focusing on relevant constructs must be representative and important to purpose for measuringoObtain under standardized conditionsMust reflect persons typical ability or disposition Try to reduce degree to which test conditions or test itself interferes with whats measured All others taking test should be exposed to same conditions eg SATsame everywhere you take it across the country Individual tests are hard to standardize because of personal contractoUses systematic rules for scoring numeric information Striving for objective measuresScoring rules quantitative way to describe informationmust be comprehensive well defined and applied in the same way to the scoring of all tests Aiming for objectivity but difficult because DECISIONS must be made regarding rules which allows for biased subjective thoughtFace validityoUsed to disguise testers intentionsReduce FakeabilityoIf test is perceived to lack face validityRisk losing perceived credibilityRisk hostile tensionRisk losing testtaker motivation Mental Measures YearbookoDescription and critical review of all psychological testsMeasurementoThe process of assigning numbers to represent properties of an object or idea or behavioroThere are real stable and measurable differences across individualsoDo you know a good idea when you hear it Good vs excellent ideaReliabilityoConsistencystabilityoIs the measure stable over timeoIs it consistent across multiple measuresValidityoMeasurement fits purposeoDoes it measure what its supposed to measureoNo validity without reliability reliability is the sine qua non essential element of validityCentral tendencyoDistribution of the majorityoTypesMean the average Median middlemost numberMode most frequently occurring number Factor analysis
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