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PsychologyIntroductionoWhat is IO psychologyFormal DefinitionApplication of psychology principles and theories to the workplaceLaymans Definition The study of how people get along at work and how they are able to do their jobs effectivelyoIndustrial Psychology Associated with job analysis training selection and performance measureoOrganizational Psychology Deals with motivation work attitudes leadership and organizational developmentoDifferent from business degreesResearch quant methods testingFactors affecting people in organizationsThe Psychological perspectiveoThe training of IO PsychologistsSociety for Industrial and Organizational Psychology SIOP is the professional association with which IO psychologists affiliate Training approach uses ScientistsPractitioner Model IO psychologists are both generators and consumers of knowledge Journal of Applied PsychologyTraining focuses on developing diverse competenciesCompetency skills abilities and capabilities that allow people to effectively perform functions Most IO psychologists have MAs or Ph Ds25 yearsCulminating in pieces of scholarly researchCompetenciesConsulting and business skills
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