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Chapter9SexandGenderIdentityDisorders31 of college age students report that their parents have talked with them about sexThose who receive sex education from parents or school are likely to have more healthy relationships less likely to be promiscuous and less likely to get pregnant and are more likely to wit to have sexSex with males is associated with manhoodencouraged to experience moreTraditional religious script sex is reserved only for marriage used to procreate and MAY involved affectionloveRomantic Scriptsex is reserved for love if youre in love it ok to make love in OR out of marriage primary script in our cultureSexualFriendship Script Friends with benefits Its ok for those who are friends to have intimate sexual relationshipsCasualMutual Horniness Script Where sex is used for recreational fun between acquiesces and who are mutually arousedUtilitarian Predatory Script used for something other than lovepleasureprocreation used for self gainEx Prostitution promotions powerOnly 2 reported in engaging in some sex activityFemales reported engaging in frequent activities some sexual activities but reported a significant amount lower of sexual partnersHas to do with how females are sexually socializedFemales are hardwired to find a mate who will protect their offspring was much as possibleMales are hardwired to spread genesSexual and Gender Identity Disorders An OverviewWhat Is Normal vs Abnormal Sexual BehaviorNormative facts and statisticsDSMIV Sexual and Gender Identity DisordersGender identity disorderSexual dysfunctionsParaphilias Results of a survey of male sexual practices1
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