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SOCL 4402 Final

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SOCL 4402

Final Anger does not predict the ending of a relationship1If the problem is not resolvable Gottman Says2oEstablish if they are resolvable or notoWork on the resolvable ones firstoThen the others are left on reserve28 ISSUES3oInterpersonal sharing influence infidelity chemical dependency finances o20 17 and 18 correlatingHow my partner treats drugs or alcoholMay partners faithfulnessMy fidelity When there is infidelity there is chemical dependency oCooling affectIts not a resolvable issue you are scared to bring up these topics because it may bring up other bad things You have more conflict when people disagree on these issues4oI am satisfied with communication and the other is not It is more of a conflict than two that agree that they are not satisfied with communication Direct and Indirect Interactions Between Parents and Children5oDiagramSingle Adults6oBeing SingleDramatic increase in percentage in 2008Myths and stereotypesAdvantages and disadvantagesCommon ProblemsForming intimate relationships with other adults LonelinessFinding niche in marriage oriented societyCohabitating Adults7oDramatic rise in cohabiting before marriageHigher in countries other than the USCohabiting tends to be shortlived in USComparing cohabitation ot marriageAdvantages and disadvantages of cohabitingMarried Adults8oMarital trendsChanging malefemale equality in marriage has created more fragile intense marital relationshipsMore adults remain single longerAverage US marriage last just over 9 yearsUS still a marrying society divorce rates slowingReligion influences marriage in some culturesInternational comparisons in marriage What makes Marriages work ala John Gottman9oEstablishing love mapsoNurturing fondness and admirationoTurning toward each other instead of awayoLetting your partner influence youoSolving solvable conflictsoOvercoming gridlockoCreating shared meaning What makes marriages work10oTypical areas of marital conflict even in happy marriagesWorkStressInlawsMoneySexHouseworkNew babyoBenefits of a good marriage Better physical and mental health insurance companies know this Timing of Divorce and Age of Divorced Adults11oIf divorce occurs it usually happens early in marriageStress of separation and divorce pose risks for psychological and physical difficultiesPsychiatric disorders and hospital admissionClinical depression and alcoholismPsychosomatic disordersConcerns forStrategies for Divorced Adults12oSee divorce as opportunity for personal growthoThink carefully about decisionsoFocus more on the future than the pastoCapitalize on your strengthsoDont expect success and happiness in all you dooBelieve there is more than one pathway Divorced in Middle and Older Adults13oMain reason for staying married childrenoMain causes of divorceFor womenVerbal physical emotional abuseAlcohol or drug abuseCheatingFor menNo obvious problems just fell out of loveCheating
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