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Kearn Kaur PSYCH 100 Types of Learning: identify the three types and a few words that describe each A. Classical Conditioning: Learning to link two stimuli in a way that helps us anticipate  an event to which we have a reaction. (Ex: Seeing lightening, hearing thunder) B. Operant Conditioning: Changing behavior choices in response to consequences. (Ex:  Child learning good behavior through attaining a desirable result) C. Cognitive Learning: Acquiring new behaviors and information through observation  and information, rather than by direct experience. (Ex: Observing others) Jacob's date was wearing a very alluring cologne on their recent date. The date itself was quite passionate. The following day when Jacob gets into his car he smells the lingering scent of his date's cologne and becomes transfixed with joy. A. Is this classical or operant conditioning? Classical Conditioning B. What is the unconditioned stimulus? Jacob’s Date C. Conditioned stimulus? Cologne D. Unconditioned response? Emotional Joy E. Conditioned response? Emotional Joy Make up your own example of classical conditioning.  Be sure to identify the US, CS,  NS, UR, CR. Sally had a heart attack while on a cruise ship. Sally has never been on a cruise ship for  many years, but fears riding on a cruise ship since then. Unconditioned Stimulus:  Heart attack Conditioned Stimulus: Cruise Ship Neutral Stimulus: Heart attack alone Unconditioned Response: Triggered fear Conditioned Response: Triggered fear Shelly is in the grocery store with her dad.As they near the checkout lane, Shelly starts whining for a candy bar but her dad says no. Shelly begins to cry and cries louder when her dad continues to refuse. At the checkout lane, in front of the cashier, Shelly throws herself onto the floor and begins screaming. Her dad responds by grabbing a candy bar and giving it to her. She quickly quiets down and eats her candy bar. This exchange gets repeated on subsequent trips to the grocery store. A. Classical or operant? Operant Conditioning B. What is Shelly's behavior in this example? Falling on floor and screaming C. What kind of consequence follows her behavior? Receiving a candy bar D. What is dad's behavior in this example? Giving in to buying a candy bar due to embarrassment in front of cashier. E. What kind of consequence follows his behavior? Child repeats behavior every time to Kearn Kaur PSYCH 100 obtain the desirable result of getting a candy bar. F. How should dad handle this situation differ
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