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01:830:271 Midterm: Exam 2 Study Guide (Pt. 2)

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Principles of Developmental Psychology S17
L. Dickson
Unit 2 Lecture Study Questions PART 2
How is Erikson’s theory different from Freud’s?
Erikson be lie ve d tha t e a ch s ta ge wa s de fined by the cris is tha t the individua l fa ce d
Freud belie ve d tha t e a ch s ta ge wa s de fined by the sexua lity of the body
In what ways is Erikson’s life reflected in his theory?
What did Erikson mean by “crisis?”
Erikson me ant tha t there is a cha llenge in e a ch sta ge tha t a n individua l mus t ove rcome ,
the re is a pos itive a nd a ne ga tive s ide to e ve ry sta ge (pola r oppos ite s )
What did he mean by “balance?”
Know Erikson’s first 4 stages, including the stage’s name, why it happens when it does, what the
main “question” to be resolved is, and the ego strength that is the result of a healthy resolution of
tha t s ta ge .
According to Erikson, what a re the forces tha t pus h us on to the ne xt s ta ge ? (What ca us e s
de velopme nt?) Which de velopmental is s ue is this?
What ha ppe ns if a person doe s not re s olve a s ta ge in a he a lthy way?
How is Erikson’s theory more optimistic than Freud’s?
What did Erikson me a n whe n he s a id his theory is culturally unive rs a l?
What a re some se lf-regula tion a bilitie s tha t infa nts a re ca pa ble of?
What is temperament?
Know the 8 tra its tha t ma ke up te mpe ra me nt.
How is te mpe ra me nt rela te d to the de ve lopme nt of s e lf-re gula tion?
What doe s goodne s s -of-fit re fer to, a nd how doe s it a ffe ct the development of se lf-re gula tion?
Know the strategies that caregivers can use to foster the development of (“scaffold”) self-
What did the infant in the “still-face” video do to try to “repair” the break caused by the mother’s
still fa ce ?
Why wa s the s itua tion s o upsetting to the infant?
What s e lf-re gula tion be ha viors did s he e xhibit during the still-fa ce proce dure ?
What a re some rea s ons childre n a re e nga ging in le ss mature pre tend pla y today?
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