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(COVER PAGE) Name of Your Project LOGO First and Last Names of Group Members MKT H210 Fall 2013 NOTE: The Table of Contents should be single spaced, with double-spacing between major sections. Please follow the format for section (No Page Number) headings illustrated in the first three sections of the sample Table of Contents. Table of Contents (Section Heading-Centered) Executive Summary (left justified) (right justified) Page 1 Introduction (left justified) Page X Situational Analysis (left justified) The SituationalAnalysis-Trend Analyses (indent 5 spaces) Demographic Factors and Trends Page X Social and Cultural Factors and Trends Page X Economic Factors and Trends Page X Technological Factors and Trends Page X Political/Legal Factors and Trends Page X The CompetitorAnalysis Page X Sub Heading Sub Heading Page X Page X SWOTAnalysis Page X Marketing Strategy-Summary Statement Page X Vision Statement Page X Mission Statement Page X Positioning Statement Page X Target Market(s) Page X Marketing Goals and Objectives Page X Marketing Tactics Page X Implementation and Control Page X Summary Page X References (New Page-Continue from previous page numbers) Page X Appendices (New Page/Page Divider) AppendixA- (New Page-Page i) Page i Appendix B (New Page-Page continue with small Page ii Roman Numerals) NOTE: All text is double-spaced, 11 or 12 point Times Roman font, 1” margins (New Page) Executive Summary (Section Heading-Centered) (Begins with page 1) The Executive Summary is an overview of the entire plan, including a description Page 1 of the service, the differential advantage, the required investment, and anticipated sales and prof
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