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UC RIVERSIDEPOSC 017Miguel CarrerasWinter

[POSC 017] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (27 pages long!)

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1 Dec 2016
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UC RIVERSIDEPOSC 017Miguel CarrerasFall

[POSC 017] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 40 pages long Study Guide!

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29 Nov 2016
Political developments and political institutions in the developing world. Latin america, middle east, and some eastern europe countries. (80% of the w
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UC RIVERSIDEPOSC 017Miguel CarrerasWinter

POSC 017 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Democratic Consolidation, Complete Control, Totalitarianism

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3 Nov 2016
The third world is a term by alfred sauvy. It used to describe the poor/exploited countries during the cold war. Third world countries are non-aligned
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