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Dana Hilgers Study Guide for ADV199 Quiz number one 1. History of Advertising< (main Campaigns) a. Gutenberg Press- printing press. Invented by Gutenberg in 1439 b. Early Advertising- Word of mouth. Newspapers. c. Industrial Revolution created a need for advertising d. Early Agencies began in the end of the 1800s e. First radio commercial in 1922 f. Soap opera brought to you by Soap Company g. 50’s- Good time for advertising. i. Need for tv’s- Commercial Break h. Magazine concept- many Advertisers in one publication i. 1999, Best ad age 2. Branding: Slogans Values Appearance Heritage and essence a. Easily Recognized by the consumer. b. Essence: using emotional connection and lasting impression. i. Simple phrase/sentence that defines the unique quality’s of the brand. c. Slogan- way of identifying brand for consumers. Tagline. d. Personality- brand is like a person (Cars are sexy. Mac vs PC) e. Values- What does it stand for? (Social media, ceo view. Controversial) f. Appearance- Packaging. Placement in store. Vs competitors g. Heritage- how long its been around. Loyalty 3. Brand Team- 4 p’s a. Product. Packaging, quality. b. Price- Compare to competitors, make profit, sale c. Promotion- Advertising d. Place- National vs local. Strong markets. 4. Big 4 Agencies 5. TV a. 6 Broadcast networks- abc, cbs, nbc, fox, upn, cw b. Affiliates- contracted with a network c. Independents- no ties to network. d. Station may be affiliate by night independent by day e. Network i. Dynamic ii. Higher Recall iii. National coverage iv. Guaranteed audience v. National or market by market f. Cable i. Niche networks ii. Technological advances iii. Product placement/ sponsored shows iv. Less expensive then network g. Syndication- program runs at different times in every market i. Higher ratings the cable but still cheap ii. Loyal Audience h. Spot tv-inventory purchased market at a time i. Local adds ii. Places like ikea, trader joes etc, are only in certain areas iii. Flexible 6. Ad units for tv. a. Spots: i. 60 second- highest cost but most effective. Largest standard time slot ii. 30 second- most common, “Workhorse” iii. 15 second- Teaser. Not as Common iv. 10 second tag- last 10 sec of a 60/30 used for new product. v. 5 second- 3 5second commercials. Pay premium because its hard to fit vi. 2 min- $$$$ but effective. b. Dayparts i. Morning news- 5-9am ii. Morning 9-12- game shows soaps iii. Daytime- 12-3 Talk shows, game shows, soaps iv. Early Fringe 3-5 v. Early News- 5-630- National/local vi. Access- 630-7- entertainment talk show, jeopardy vii. Prime-7
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