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UVAMSE 2010garryshifletFall

[MSE 2010] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (35 pages long!)

OC128527135 Page
29 Nov 2016
A lot of impurities. they come out of volcanoes, thus found far from origin: flint has a periodic atomic structure. Colours change because of impuritie
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UVAMSE 2010garryshifletFall

MSE 2010 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Native Copper, Electrum, Caspian Sea

OC128527110 Page
27 Oct 2016
Paleolithic(old s. a. ) > mesolithic(middle s. a. ) > neolithic (new s. a. ) We don"t date these periods as they were happening at different times in d
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UVAMSE 2010garryshifletFall

MSE 2010 Midterm: MSEChapternotes

OC128527118 Page
27 Oct 2016
Objective - provide students with literacy and appreciation for the origins, makeups and behavior of materials upon which modern societies are based -
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UVAMSE 2090AllSpring

MSE 2090 Study Guide - Final Guide: Martensite, Cementite, Metal

OC31388838 Page
30 Oct 2014
Chap 1-2 binding types of forces, isotropic, anisotropic materials. Chap 3 crystal structures, allotrophy, polymorphism, # in cell, basic structure, pa
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