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8/30 mexico city • aztec capital o 20,000 natives and 600 conquistadors surrounded the city  cortez had an interpreter to convince the enemies of the aztecs to attack the city  burned his ships so that his own men could not run away to cuba • Disease o smallpox  causes blisters and ruptures on the skin  carried by cortez and his men  europeans had a natural resistance to smallpox  (smallpox was in spain for hundred of years)  smallpox spread through all of south america (natives had no resistance) o influenza  also was new to the natives o symphysis  brought from the new world to europe  columbus was dated to have been the first trip to bring the disease to europe o due to disease  20 million was reduced to 2 million in 50 years  san salvador  within 50 years the ENTIRE population died from disease • using natives o as miners  used in silver mines and gold mines  forced the natives into slaves  many died in the mines  introduced african slavery • slavery o brought them to mexico and other south american countries to mine and farm Inca • Francisco Pizarro o conquistador (smaller force than cortez)  traveled to south america (Peru) • similar to the aztecs o written language o recorded history o class system o jobs • not concentrated into one city (like the aztecs) • word got to the leader (by runners) that the aztecs were being destroyed o he was not aware of the power of firearms  inca allowed Pizarro and his men into their city  he demonstrated the use of firearms  took the leader hostage  Pizarro realized they had gold just like the aztecs  he demanded that the incans to fill up a room with gold and silver  after he would release the leader  The room was filled  Pizarro killed the leader  they took over the empire  found more gold and silver deposits than those found in mexico  caused spain to be the wealthiest country in europe spanish also sent catholic missionaries • came to florida o didn't find gold or silver o nor big empires  establish
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