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CHAPTER 3 ETHICS  Moral principles/values  Guide our behaviour, in relation to others  Legal ≠ ethical  Code of conduct within a profession Unethical Behaviour  Selfishness; self-protection, self-righteousness  Different or flawed ethical standards  Defective reasoning  Justification o Everybody does it o It's legal o Unlikely to get caught o Not severe punishment Ethical Dilemma  A situation in which a decision must be made about the appropriate behaviour  Neither outcome is without apparent undesirable results  Resolving ethical dilemmas: o Obtain relevant facts o Identify ethical issues o Determine who is affected and how o Identify available alternatives o Identify likely consequence of each alternative o Decide on appropriate action Giving Voice to Values Approach  Based on assumption that the organization is willing to work to resolve ethical dilemmas  The person at centre of dilemma is also willing to take action  5 stages: o Identification o Purpose and choice o Stakeholder analysis o Powerful response o Scripting and coaching Basic Principles Governing Conduct  Maintain good reputation of profession  Sustain professional competence (perform services with integrity, due care)  Remain free of influence (independence)  Duty of confidence (confidentiality)  Develop practice based on personal excellence  Maintain professional courtesy Code of Conduct  Directs members of a profession by setting standards  Provides a benchmark against which the m
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