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Textbook Notes for LABR 3P06 at Brock University (BROCKU)

BROCK ULABR 3P06Paul GreyWinter

LABR 3P06 Chapter 2: Seminar #2-Jan 23

OC51938114 Page
Personal experience (cid:862)these e(cid:454)a(cid:373)ples illust(cid:396)ate the (cid:373)edia a(cid:374)d (cid:272)ultu(cid:396)al satu(cid:396)atio
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BROCK ULABR 3P06Paul GreyWinter

LABR 3P06 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Party Down, Gie, Family Values

OC5193812 Page
Aspires to own his own business and be successful. Strives to be accepted by those in the upper class. Actor from a beer commercial but ashamed of it.
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