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Ultimate Questions 5

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David Hayes

19/04/2012 1 Ultimate Questions Thinking About Philosophy rd 3 Edition Nils Ch. Rauhut 2 Chapter Five: The Problem of Personal Identity 3 The Problem of Personal Identity • Comprised of several questions about: –Value •If my values radically change, am I the same person? –Unity •Am I one singular person or a combination of multiple people? –Persistence of Time •Why is my current self the same as my past self? 4 Sameness 1• Qualitative identity: two things that look the same 2 • Numerical identity: one thing that is actually one and the same 5 Illusion Theory: There is no permanent and unchanging self. 6 Problems with the Illusion Theory • We will not exist as we are in the future, so why consider future consequences? • The people we love and care about are not the same people that we met in the past. • There is no justification for why we punish people in the present for crimes committed in the past. 7 Body Theory (Animalism) • We are identical to our biological bodies throughout time. –Strengths •We exist as long as our living bodies do. –Weaknesses •Ignores the possibility of life after death •What happens when a pe
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