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Chapter 21

SOCI 1F90 Chapter Notes - Chapter 21: Mcdonaldization, Rationality, Uptodate

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Michelle Webber

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January 18 th
, 2016
Chapter 21: Enchanting McUniversity: Toward a Spectacularly Irrational University
“Cathedrals of consumption”
Creating Spectacles
Of simulations, or elaborate fakes, designed to amaze and delight consumers
The manipulation of time and space
Time compression
Online classes
oUniversities have made many efforts to manipulate time and space in
order to seem more spectacular
oCan be taken at any time or place
Simulation, implosion and the manipulation of time and space
What the university needs to do is to seek in various ways to make the seemingly
unspectacular spectacular
Educational point of view
Personal, direct, intensive contact between professor and student
Astronomical costs involved
In contrast to increasing McDonaldization, these solutions involve the use of
nonhuman technologies to enhance human technology
oNot replacing human tech, but enhancing it
Personalize connection
oWith a tap on the keyboard, a professor can bring up the name of any
student anywhere in the class and call on that student by name
Between professor and student
Discussing one element of McDonaldization: increasing control through the
substitution of nonhuman for human technology
Not being used to replace human beings but to enhance their ability to functions
as human beings, at least in the context of the given of a large lecture
Videotaped lectures by professors that can be accessed at home or in the library
or classes
oThe worst of the McDonaldization of education
“Mass customization” and “sneakerization”- that is, one can create considerable
diversity without totally surrendering the advantages of McDonaldization
Have our very best professors teach undergraduates, especially in lower level,
even introductory courses
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