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Reading Women and Poverty- Third Ed

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Women's and Gender Studies
Jenny Janke

Reading Women and Poverty Third Ed February2712 335 PM httpcriawicrefcaWomenAndPovertyConvention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women CEDAW no adequate guarantees to protect womens rights in the country one in seven 24 million Canadian women living in poverty today Who lives in poverty 516 lone parent families headed by women 35 women under 65 and alone Women and disabilities more severe the disability the lower the income aboriginal women trapped in lowpaying jobs continuing effects of Indian Act face insecurities related to housing access to services and abuse both on and off reserve women of color immigrant women lesbians Migrant women forced to work in unregulatedhidden employment low wage earners women and youth account 83 of Canadas minimum wage workers 37 lone mothers with paid employment raise family on less than 10hour women on welfare and their children Women make71 of what men earn fullyear fulltime work education does not reduce wage gap much Canada has largest wage gap between men and women fulltime workers out of 29 most developed countries only Spain Portugal japan Korea have larger wage gaps Poverty is Statistics Canadas lowincome cutoffs LICOs represents the level at which people spend so much of their income on basic necessities that they live in very difficult circumstances The LICO varies by family size and communityWhy womens incomes are lower children women expected to perform majority of household chores and child care take care of elderly parents or inlaws or disabled relatives women are paid low wages for womens work skilled not valued within caring education cleaning cuts to social assistance inadequate pensions
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