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Chapter 5

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Carleton University
Earth Sciences
ERTH 2415
Claire Samson

Chapter 5 Seismic Risk and Mitigation in Canada Estimating the seismic hazard in Canada is hard to do because records do not go back in time very far As a result earthquake research aims to determine where and how strong an earthquake will be instead of when an earthquake will be There are roughly three broad seismic regions in Canada 1 A central stable region 2 A western region consisting of the Richardson Mountains in Yukon and NWT and more importantly the Queen Charlotte transform fault and the Cascadia subduction zone 3 An eastern region having most Arctic Islands the St Lawrence River Valley and the Grand BanksVulnerability to seismic events is an important consideration Hazard and vulnerability work as products to determine overall risk Vancouver happens to have the highest level of seismic risk The Canadian National Seismograph Network CNSN monitors earthquakes in Canada It consists of more than 100 seismographs and 60 accelerographs Seismic events above a certain threshold automatically trigger two things the Automated Natural Hazard Alert Service ANHAS and shakemapsThe Automated Natural Hazard Alert Service ANHAS provides information about earthquakes in Canada usually within 10 minutes of the event The service provides info about time epicenter location and magnitude It communicates via email fax and pagers Trains and utilities use it in order to improve safety carrying out inspections or suspending services if theres an event nearby Shakemaps Shakemaps are a r
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