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PSYC 2301
Tarry Ahuja

TEXTBOOK  Health Psychology: tries to understand the psychological influences on how people stay healthy, why they get sick and what they do if they get sick  Health psychologists: promote things to help people stay healthy or get better. Also focus on origins or causes of illness and what correlated with health, illness and dysfunction, also interested in behavioural and social factors that contribute to health/illness. Try to improve the health care system and heal policies  Advantages of pbiopsychosocial model: Maintains that biological, psychological and social factors are all important to determine health and illness. Stating macrolevels (existence/social support) and microlevel (cell disorders) interact to produce health/illness.  Systems Theory: Keeps all levels of organization in any entity linked to each other hierarchically and change in one level results in changes in the other levels.  Most important factor that has given rise to healthy psychology is the change in illness patterns over time.  Acute disorders (pneumonia, tuberculosis) used to be main causes of illness and death in Canada. Now chronic illnesses (cancer, heart disease) are main reasons for death.  Acute disorders are short-term medical illnesses, typically unable to cure. Chronic illness is long term, slowly developing diseases, typically cant cure but they are managed.  Health psychologists help people with chronic diseases manage their life from physiotherapies to
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