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PSYC 3603
Connie Kristiansen

thrdPsychology of Women Sept 4 2014 Ch 1 of women and gender 3 edition 1When we usually categorize human we usually use 3 categories we do unconsciously and effortless These categories are called social categorization by social psychologist 1Age 2Sexis the most efficient and most accurate sometimes it is hard to know persons raceethnicity or age but always sure about the persons sexDifferences can be enriching on one hand or disconnecting stereotyping or even violent on the other hand Differences are usually linked to power inequality and social injustice3Race Gender as social category Gender is a primary social category but it is part of a broader category captured in the diversity wheel by Marilyn Loden and Judy Rosenersee page 3 ex Im 23French British Australian Jamaican female but still these categories do not capture who you are as whole but it is how others often see you which can affect how think feel and act towards you this is the fundament point of social representations of youIn the diversity wheel every social categories show differencessuch as oldyoung blackwhite these will categories people into the in groupout group it is our culture that assigns differences in dominance and power
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