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Textbook Notes for PSYO 1021 at Dalhousie University (DAL)

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DALPSYO 1021Sean BarrettSummer

PSYO 1021 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Myelin, Peripheral Nervous System, Sympathetic Nervous System

OC1273737 Page
Chapter 3: biological foundations of behavior: name the three main parts of the neuron and describe their functions. Each neuron has three main parts:
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DALPSYO 1021Sean BarrettSummer

PSYO 1021 Chapter Notes -Gestalt Psychology, Empiricism, Tabula Rasa

OC1273736 Page
Ch. 1 psychology: the science of behavior: define psychology and indicate what kinds of behaviors it studies. Psychology is the scientific study of beh
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DALPSYO 1021Mac Kinnon SeanFall

PSYO 1021 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Fortean Times, Freudian Slip, Critical Role

OC5586147 Page
Proposed that the mind and body interact through the brain"s tiny pineal gland the mind was a spiritual, nonmaterial entity. Descartes in his passions
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