Conflict in the Classroom

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McGill University
Curriculum and Instruction
EDEC 248
Lerona Dana Lewis

CONFLICT IN THE CLASSROM Appreciating Linguistic Diversity in the Classroom  teachers should recognize linguistic form student has is connected with loved ones, community & personal identity o if you say it’s wrong or ignorant, suggesting something is wrong with student & family  teachers need to support language of students, provide input from additional code & give opportunity to use new code in nonthreatening, real communicative context  playing role eliminates possibility of implying child’s language is inadequate Activities for Promoting Linguistic Pluralism  children can learn many ways of saying same thing & certain contexts suggest particular kinds of linguistic performances  must provide students opportunity to practice form in nonthreatening contexts with real purpose & intrinsically enjoyable Ethnic Identity and Styles of Discourse  differences in oral language in multicultural context  white children = topic centred narratives; black children = episodic narratives o white adult reaction to black child’s story = negative; rated below academic competence of white children o black adult reaction to black child’s story = positive  when differences in narrative style produce differences in interpretation of competence, pedagogical implications evident  teachers should interact with & willingly learning from knowledgeable members of students’ cultural groups  questioning styles o questions used differently in southeastern town by black students & their teachers o what time is it, two o’clock, thanks vs. what time is it, two o’clock, right o when questions asked similar to kinds of questions from home settings children responded very differently o awareness & use of kinds of language used in children’s communities can foster knowledge, performance & growth  oral styles in community life o language strengths of linguistically diverse populations o value placed upon oral expression in most African American communities o other children come with wealth of specialized linguistic knowledge; ie/ Native Americans & storytelling o classroom learning should allow students to acquire verbal pa
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