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MCGILLPSYC 100Oliver Michael Hardt Fall

PSYC 100 Midterm: study notes for chapter1 and lecture 1

OC252043417 Page
3 Oct 2018
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MCGILLECON 302Tom VelkFall

ECON 302 Chapter Notes -Interest Rate Swap, Underlying, Call Option

OC127884 Page
25 Nov 2011
American-style option (also american option): an option which may be exercised at any time up to and including the expiration date. Basis point: one on
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MCGILLPOLI 243Mark BrawleyWinter

Andrew Moravcsik, Taking Preferences Seriously - A Liberal Theory of International Relations.docx

OC340468 Page
7 Mar 2012
Taking preferences seriously: a liberal theory of international relations (first. Thesis: this article codifies this basic liberal insight in the form
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MCGILLANTH 202Eduardo KohnFall

ANTH 202 Chapter Notes -Herculine Barbin, Lateralization Of Brain Function, Dynamic Equilibrium

OC28727611 Page
8 Jul 2014
Scheper-hughes & lock - the mindful body: a prolegomenon to future work in. Assumption of body as simultaneously physical and symbolic artifact. Three
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MCGILLPOLI 211Fillippo SabettiFall

POLI 211 Berman - Civil Society Summary Notes

OC142075 Page
13 Dec 2011
Thesis: robust civil society actually contributed to the demise of the weimar democracy, contrary to neo-tocquevillists, due to structural weaknesses w
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MCGILLPOLI 354Mark BrawleyFall

The Demand for International Regimes - Robert Keohane

OC340465 Page
7 Mar 2012
We study international regimes because we are interested in understanding order in world politics. The theory of hegemonic stability is that the concen
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MCGILLPOLI 243Mark BrawleyWinter


OC3404610 Page
7 Mar 2012
Allison states three prepositions before explaining the models. Analysts think about problems of foreign and military policy in terms of largely implic
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MCGILLPSYC 215Mark BaldwinFall

Chapters 1-8 for midterm

OC35758040 Page
17 Nov 2014
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MCGILLPSYC 328Barbarel KnapeurFall

PSYC 328 Chapter All: PSYC 328 - Notes.docx

OC32577083 Page
22 Jan 2015
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MCGILLECON 313John KurienWinter

ECON 313 Chapter 1-8: textbook notes.docx

OC10893583 Page
26 Feb 2015
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MCGILLPSYC 180Amir RazWinter

PSYC 180 Chapter Notes -Rorschach Test, Illusory Correlation, Graphology

OC4142611 Page
8 May 2012
How to think straight about psychology textbook notes. Freud"s methods of investigation are unrepresentative of how modern psychs conduct their researc
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MCGILLPOLI 227Rex BrynenWinter

POLI 227 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Modernization Theory, Conflict Theories, Authoritarianism

OC1049113 Page
31 Mar 2013
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