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English (Arts)
ENGL 226
Kait Pinder

Henry James ReadingTHE BEAST IN THE JUNGLE BY HENRY JAMES Identify You said you had had from your earliest time as the deepest thing within you the sense of being kept for something rare and strange possibly prodigious and terrible that was sooner or later to happen to you that you had in your bones the foreboding and the conviction of and that would perhaps overwhelm youHere I am you see It hasnt been overwhelming Then it hasnt been love said May BartramSomething or other lay in wait for him amid the twists and the turns of the months and the years like a crouching Beast in the jungleWhat is had come to was that he wore a mask painted with the social simper out of the eyeholes of which there looked eyes of an expression not in the least matching the other featuresIt wouldnt have been failure to be bankrupt dishonoured pilloried hanged it was failure not to be anythingHe had but one desire leftthat he shouldnt have been soldWhat had the man had to make him by the loss of it so bleed and yet liveNo passion had ever touched him for this was what passion mean
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