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Earth & Planetary Sciences
EPSC 185
Christa Scholtz

EPSC 185 Hurricanes Reading Adam Sherman Tropical Cyclone IntroductionCharacteristics of a tropical cycloneWarmcoreLow pressure system without any front attachedDevelops over tropical or subtropical watersOrganized circulationAtlanticEastern Pacific Oceanshurricanes Western Pacifictyphoons Indian OceancyclonesFavourable environmental conditionsWarm ocean waters 80F27C throughout a depth of about 150 ftAn atmosphere which cools fast enough with high that is its potential unstable to moist convectionRelatively moist air near the midlevel of the troposphere 16000 ftGenerally a minimum of 300 miles from the equateLow values less than 23 mph37 kmh of vertical wind shear between the surface and upper troposphereTropical Cyclone BasinNeeds warm waters so natural that they form near the equatorStorms usually do not form within 5 latitude of the equate due to lack of Coriolis Force Disturbances causing tropical cyclonesEasterly Waves o An inverted trough of low pressure moving generally westward in the tropical easterliesWest African Disturbance Line WADL o This is a line of convection which forms over West African and moves into the Atlantic Ocean
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