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The Peoples of Canada Reading Notes

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McGill University
HIST 203
Jarrett Rudy

The Peoples of Canada: •Confederation = Provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick o Much malcontent from N.S. • As a first protest the put all anti-confederates in the provincial and federal seats but this was not a long-term solution • Britain denied their petition to repeal from the Dominion • They could only work for better terms • Was Joseph Howe's reluctant acceptance of confederation that was the breakthrough  In February 1869 won a hotly contested election with a large majority as a pro-confederate - job in Ottawa was now to encourage N.S. MPs to the government •After confederation Sir John A searches for a national policy o Canada First Movement - ignored regional cultural disparities for Pan- Canadianess, favoured Anglo-Saxon assimilation Economy, Polity and the "unsolved riddle of social justice" •The war had set off unsustainable economic trends o Agricultural expansion and regional industrial disparities •1920s economic boom was not shared equally by all the provinces o Prairie farmers were left behind economically o Maritimes also did not benefit o Sparked regional protests •The Progressive Party o Western farmers were convinced the protective tariffs that both the liberals and the conservatives supported were not in their best interests o In 1919 liberal Thomas Crerar resigned as the Minister of Agriculture, he founded the Progressive Party and acted as its first leader • Had success in the first election by were very divided and in subsequent elections their seats dwindled, eventually they would merge with the CCF •Maritime Rights Movement o Disgruntled because they did not have enough political clout in Parliament to effect economic change - were in favour of protectionism because it meant jobs o Began voting Liberal under King because they alone sought to mobilize maritime settlement but still did not enough political clout - gov't chose to meet the needs of the progressives o Maritime voters began shifting to tories - King government responded by offering a regional commission on economic grievances to the maritimes - proceeded to buy off the region as cheaply as possible •Quebec "nationalism" in the 1920s o Provincialism o Abbe Lionel Groulx • Self-taught historian, racist • Was very popular advocate of quebec nationalism until QC returned to
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