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HIST 215
Sarah Waurechen

World War II A GLOBAL WAR • absorbed nat'l resources in total war • gov't assumed control Br. eco. • scientists contribute to war effort • Ger. + It. + Rom. + Hung. + Bulg. + Jap. • Hitler failure in Russia • Pearl Harbour Total War • Br. first for total war ◦ start from scratch ◦ wartime sacrifices ◦ conscription faces less protest ◦ women took the vacated places in industry ◦ gov't control of eco, ◦ high degree of coordination in wartime production ◦ higher taxes ◦ rent control ◦ rationing ◦ voluntary restraint on wage raises ◦ grey utility loaf of bread ◦ farmers up production ◦ scientific advisory committee to make better weapons ▪ solved the complex puzzle of secret code, deciphering Ger. communications • Ger. thought they could keep US out of war • US helped Br. in other ways ◦ arsenal of democracy, despite official neutrality ◦ Lend-Lease Act 1941 gives weapons and food to Br. in exchange for leasing Carr. naval bases Hitler's Allies • realized Ger. can't invade Br. • chose Japan as ally ◦ Tripartite Pact 1940 ◦ Ger. + It. recognize Jap. interests in Asia ◦ Jap. recognizes Ger. + It. interests in Euro ◦ cooperate if any attack by non-war participant • Hitler tried to get Spanish dictator on his side, but failed • Romania weak ◦ surrendered to Hung. part of Transylvania ◦ Stalin made it hand over Bukovina and Besarabia ◦ Bulgaria took some terr. too ◦ Ger. occupies it for oil fields ◦ Antonescu ran the country with Iron Guard • Rom. + Hung. join Axis 1940, Bulg. 1941 • It. contributions minimal ◦ Muss. got stuck in N. Africa trying to take terr. ◦ failed to invade Egypt ◦ defeat
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