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PHYS 142
Yoichi Miyahara

PHYS 142 Chapter 24 Smart Notes  24.1: Electric Flux o Definition  The product of the electric field E and surface area A perpendicular to the field is called the electric flux.  Electric flux is proportional to the number of electric field lines penetrating some surface.  Flux though a surface of fixed area A has a maximum value EA when the surface is perpendicular to the field, when  Flux is zero when the surface is parallel to the field when the normal to the surface is perpendicular to the field, when  The net flux through the surface is proportional to the net number of lines leaving the surface, where the net number means the number of lines leaving the surface minus the number of lines entering the surface.  If more lines are leaving than entering, then net flux is positive.  If more lines are entering than leaving, then net flux is negative. o Equation      o SI Units   24.2: Gauss’s Law  Net Electric Flux in Spherical Surface Substitute: o The net flux through any closed surface surrounding a point charge q is given by and is independent of the shape of that surface. o The net electric flux
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